• 01.19 2015
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    Telx Completes ‘Urban Giants’ Footprint Expansion in Two New York City Data Centers

    New York, NY (January 19, 2015) – Telx®, a leading provider of global interconnectivity, data center solutions and cloud enablement services, today announced the completion of its expansion within the NYC1 and NYC3 data center facilities, by 60,000 square feet and 50,000 square feet respectively. Read More
  • 11.25 2014
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    Telx to Add Capacity in Key New York Carrier Hotels

    There may be a glut of data center space in New Jersey, but the market across the Hudson is a different animal. As customary, available quality data center space in Manhattan is hard to come by and costs a lot of money. Telx, a key player in the New York data center market, is getting ready to loosen the supply by bringing new capacity online in two of the three buildings it operates in, Telx CEO Chris Downie said. The buildings – 32 Avenue of the Americas and 60 Hudson Street – are both key connectivity hubs not just for the U.S. but for the global Internet. New York carrier hotels like these are the reason companies are willing to pay the premiums that come with using data center space in Manhattan when there are tons of new space ready to go in New Jersey... Read More ➚
  • 09.29 2014
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    Manhattan’s Iconic 60 Hudson Street Gets a Power Boost

    NEW YORK - For a window into the ambitions of DataGryd, look to the rooftop of 60 Hudson Street. High atop the iconic Manhattan communications hub, more than 370 feet above the the streets of Manhattan, a hatch in the roof is unlocking the building’s future. The first phase of that plan comes to fruition this week, as colocation specialist Telx brings a new data center online on a full floor it has leased from DataGryd. Expanding a building’s power capacity in an urban setting is a major challenge. The upgrades at 60 Hudson offered additional layers of complexity... Read More ➚
  • 09.16 2014
    Articles, Industry News

    DataGryd Opens for Business in NYC, With Telx as First Tenant

    NEW YORK - The newest player in Manhattan’s data center scene is about to open its doors within 60 Hudson Street, the iconic Manhattan connectivity hub in TriBeCa. DataGryd is operating out of four floors in 60 Hudson, representing nearly a quarter million square feet of space in one of New York’s most wired addresses. One of those floors houses a brand new data center for Telx, which continues an aggressive expansion in the greater New York market. Telx is the primary interconnection provider within 60 Hudson, making it a natural tenant for DataGryd. Read More ➚
  • 07.29 2014
    Industry News

    Hurricane Electric Adds New Point of Presence at Telx in San Francisco

    Hurricane Electric, the world's largest IPv6-native Internet backbone, today announced that it has added a new Point of Presence (PoP) at Telx's San Francisco data center (SFR1), located at 200 Paul Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94124. Strategically located south of downtown San Francisco, this new PoP will enable customers of SFR1 to experience improved fault tolerance, lower latency and increased network capacity through 100GE (100 Gigabit Ethernet), 10GE (10 gigabit Ethernet), GigE (1 gigabit Ethernet) and 100BaseT network connections. Additionally, customers will now have the opportunity to exchange IP traffic, or “peer,” with Hurricane Electric's global network... Read More ➚
  • 07.25 2014
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    World Market for Cloud Computing in Healthcare 2012-2020 - Concise Analysis of the $3.9 Billion Industry

    Healthcare providers around the world are facing rising costs while they attempt to maintain or improve care. Healthcare information technology (HIT) is a key component of streamlining healthcare in a way that can provide benefits to those involved. As this report details, cloud computing is a way of using existing technology to modernize the healthcare industry. Cloud technologies are generally off-site, third-party-managed computing resources that can include computational resources, additional data storage and advanced software services such as electronic medical records (EMRs) or data analytics... Read More ➚
  • 06.19 2014
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    Wireless Data Traffic More Than Doubled In US In 2013

    The average subscriber line carries 801 megabytes of data per month, said the CTIA. The total amount of data handled by wireless carriers in the U.S. more than doubled in 2013, an increase driven in large part by video traffic. U.S. carriers saw 3.2 exabytes of data traffic run across their networks, the CTIA said in its annual report on the U.S. wireless industry. An exabyte is 10x18 bytes or, put another way, a billion gigabytes... Read More ➚

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