• 10.21 2014
    Press Releases

    Telx Expands Cloud Ecosystem and Capabilities

    New York, NY (October 21, 2014) – Telx®, a leading provider of global interconnectivity, data center solutions and cloud enablement services, today announced the addition of hybrid cloud solutions within the Telx Cloud Xchange—an ecosystem of premium cloud solutions from a strategic and diverse set of cloud service provider partners. Read More
  • 10.20 2014

    How Cloud has Changed Data Center Technology

    Let’s face it, if you’re a technologist and you’re reading this article, you’re tied to the cloud in one way or another. Whether you have Gmail synced to your phone or you upload photos to Dropbox, you’re utilizing cloud computing. Over the past few years, cloud services have become more enhanced and prevalent. There is more emphasis on data delivery, our ability to continuously stay connected and how our information is distributed. Data centers and other technologies have had to adapt to this growing trends by deploying, in reality, some pretty cool technologies... Read More ➚
  • 10.13 2014

    Where Will Cloud Computing Be in 2020?

    The future holds great promise when it comes to the cloud. It’s no secret cloud computing has taken off in recent years with new innovations and business applications. But figuring out where cloud computing will be by the end of the decade can be difficult for those who don’t know what cloud computing is. So first, what is cloud computing and how can it help my business? Cloud computing is storing and accessing programs and data over the internet instead of a computer hard drive. The cloud is another name for the internet but has nothing to do with the hard drive. If data is stored on the hard drive or programs are run from the hard drive, it’s called local storage and computing... Read More ➚
  • 10.08 2014
    Press Releases

    Telx Helps ZenoRadio Reach More Listeners Across North America

    New York, NY (October 8, 2014) – Telx, a leading provider of global interconnectivity, cloud enablement services, and datacenter solutions, today announced that ZenoRadio is leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect in its NJR2 data center facility... Read More
  • 10.06 2014

    The Deam Ticket: Security And Scalability

    enterprises will be using hybrid cloud computing – a combination of external cloud computing and in-house management – by 2017. Enterprises are looking for the combination of public cloud scalability allied to the security conferred by running a private data center. Customers want the benefits of externally-provided cloud computing, such as increased scalability and reduced costs, without compromising on security. The fear of handing over mission-critical data and applications to a third party is still present, and is also totally understandable... Read More ➚
  • 10.06 2014

    Designing A Business Solution In The Cloud And Mobile Devices Era

    The role of IT is not just limited to keeping the lights on. IT is also responsible to continuously provide solutions to enhance the business capabilities and to support business processes. With the evolution of mobile devices and cloud computing the solution architects/ designers now need to expand their thought process and at the same time take care of new factors. The cloud computing provides new possibilities of capabilities that business solutions can provide... Read More ➚
  • 10.01 2014

    If You Want IoT, You Need the Cloud

    Experts at Boston's Connected Cloud Summit argue that the cloud and the Internet of Things are necessarily intertwined. The Connected Cloud Summit held here two weeks ago could easily have been called "The Internet of Things Connectivity Summit," since most of the discussion (and exhibitors) involved Internet of Things technology and connectivity. Just as much of it, however, implicated cloud computing – and the theme for the day involved the necessary interconnectedness between the two. "The Internet of Things brings home technology," said Jeff Kaplan, managing director of local cloud consultancy THINKstrategies and the event's emcee, in his opening address to Summit attendees... Read More ➚

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