The Telx Marketplace is a diverse national and global ecosystem that links new opportunities to a vast marketplace of partners, providers, and services. It is a virtual electronic commerce backed with in-person interactive events to support our clients’ connectivity to the highest performance networks, with industry-leading technologies and applications.  Telx Marketplace Events (LIVE and LOCAL) allow a diverse group professionals with a common interest to connect and learn how they can partner with each other to create more efficient solutions to everyday business issues.  Additionally, the MarketplacePORTAL brings this interaction to users across the nation as well as allowing our customers to submit orders and find support virtually.   Explore the Marketplace below and join us online or at the next event near you.


MarketplacePORTAL is Telx’s award winning site that combines tools for driving new business and monitoring operations in a single portal. Telx customers use tailored company profiles that can be searched by other customers, including the ability to send and receive product quotes. Telx customers can also leverage online vertical communities to target specific audiences, to network, and gain insights into market trends. Additionally, matchmaking alerts are provided including a LIVE tool for creating meetings and sending messages for Telx’s MarketplaceLIVE biannual events. The portal can also be used to view and manage purchased Telx goods, including opening new Cross Connect orders, auditing facility space and power as well as interconnection inventory, facility and user access, invoices and trouble tickets.


MarketplaceLIVE is a semi-annual conference that brings together thought leaders from various industries including: Digital Media, Cloud & IT, Finance and more.  These industry experts debate various topics on how technology is revolutionizing their industries.  MarketplaceLIVE also features distinguished authors and figureheads that deliver powerful thought provoking keynotes.  This conference will refresh the way you think about what is going on in the Marketplace and challenge you with new ideas and ways to tackle challenges.  Not only, will you learn about the latest trends these industries are facing, but you will also harvest new relationships and business partnerships with the rich network of attendees.  After a day of thought provoking panels and speakers, join us for networking at a first class after party enjoying great food, drinks and music with attendees from across the country.  Click here to learn more.


MarketplaceLOCAL is a collection of local networking events that include happy hours, wine tastings, speaking engagements, facility tours and much more!  These events run throughout the year and are a great way to meet and network with other Telx partners, customers, and potential customers.  In addition to the fulfilled events and networking opportunities you will be the first to learn about the new exciting things happening at Telx.  Attendees may receive sneak peak looks at future facilities and products offered by Telx and even take advantage of special promotions for new and existing customers.  Click here to take a look at our calendar of events and join us at the next MarketplaceLOCAL event near you!