What is a Cross Connect?

Within Telx’s carrier-neutral data centers, direct connections form each contact point between servers, providers and customers. Leveraging cross connects in a Telx facility opens the doors to more opportunities than anywhere else around the globe to complete tasks such as terminating your voice traffic, delivering content, accessing public IP or building new services in the cloud. In other words, cross connects put you in physical contact with the partners and services you need to make your operations work.

Telx interconnects a variety of telecom and technology companies, from VoIP startups that require specific routes to leading global Tier 1 service providers that buy and sell on a wholesale level. All customers are attached to an interconnection center, or “Meet-Me-Room” (MMR), where they have access to rich connectivity options.

Here’s how cross connects work:

  • In the interconnection center, there are passive patch panels that support circuit interconnections of every physical media type, including Ethernet, fiber, coax and copper.
  • Customers run bulk cable (Packs) from their space on the data center floor to the interconnection center, which terminate to a patch panel. This gives each customer access to order cross connections through the panels that they own within the meet me area.
  • When customers need to buy, sell or exchange traffic, Telx builds a simple cross connect in the interconnection center connecting the customer to their desired vendor enabling the processes.

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How do I know what level of Interconnection is right for me?

Regardless of your size and unique requirements, Telx can help you make the connections your business needs to excel. Here are a few examples of how real customers use our services:

  • A cloud provider requires in-building connectivity to ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and local enterprise customers so that it can sell its services over the Internet and other networks to a large customer base while also supporting enterprise customers in the same building.
    Telx makes these connections happen passively and transparently using cross connects to link the provider’s system with the ISPs it needs.
  • A large carrier wants to deploy its services in a data center, providing easy access to all of its customers.
    Cross connects make this possible by linking the enterprise to a large carrier network. This happens by wiring various types of media to the interconnection center, offering a range of connectivity options for its end-users to access its services.

How could these services benefit me?

Offering the security and reliability of hardwired cables, cross connect services provide high performance, greater scalability and very low latency for any protocol or network technology. These services enable circuit interconnections for any type of network technology on the passive panels that comprise our data centers.

When you request a cross connection, it’s performed within 48 hours, and you can choose from a variety of formats according to your specific needs. From low-speed legacy systems to high-speed networks, you can tailor your connections to optimize the efficiency and efficacy of your services. This flexibility empowers you with just the right connection for each application.

Cross connects are just one part of our interconnection product family. Our Riser Fiber offering provides physical connections to endpoints outside of the Telx data center, such as between your primary network and adjoining facilities. The IntraCustomer Connectivity product helps you connect your own resources as you expand to new space in the same suite or on a different floor of a data center

Key Benefits

  • Rapid connections to one or more service providers through a single unified panel
  • Scalability that allows your connections to adapt to expanding business needs
  • Simple, flexible, rapid deployments to numerous endpoints
  • Access to real time inventory of connections via an award winning customer portal

Regardless of your industry taking advantage of the Telx ecosystem of service providers in the Telx Interconnection Center can launch your business to the next level:


Financial institutions use hundreds of cross connects to link to market data, exchanges and institutions around the world.

Cloud & IT

Cloud providers and other managed service companies deploy virtual cross connects to offer their services to multiple customers occupying the same Telx facility. They also connect to networks for further distribution.

Digital Media

Gaming, media and digital advertising companies use virtual cross connects to leverage cloud services and deliver content to business partners within the same Telx center. Additionally, they use outbound networks to expand their reach.

Networking & Carrier

Networks deploy thousands of cross connects to transmit voice, data and video from one provider to another. Telx interconnections for this industry make up the largest part of America’s digital GDP.
Companies use Telx services to connect their employees to mission-critical infrastructure and applications within a secure, dependable system.

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