What is data center interconnection?

Businesses operate based on connections. They need to connect with the right people, have ready access to important resources and use mission-critical applications every day. It is simply the core that enables communication to happen.

This communication occurs in what some people call the “Meet-Me-Area,” “Meet-Me-Room” or the “Interconnection Center.” Regardless of how you refer to it, what matters is that it puts you into touch with the data and resources you need.

To get technical, it is all made possible through the use of patch panels and cross connects that facilitate communications between equipment, services and users. Each panel serves as a point from which you can cross connect with other tenants. All it takes is a simple order and the data center operator will connect you to the tenant, network or application you need. This forms a physical connection so you can easily and securely exchange data. Read more about how Telx keeps your data secure.

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How do I know if interconnection is right for me?

Technology is just as diverse as businesses. You need solutions that are well-suited to your unique requirements and setup. Here are a few examples of how real customers are using service-based technologies in a Telx setting:

  1. A customer in a data center builds a server farm to support a Web-based application. To sell its services globally, the company needs to be connected to one or more ISPs. It also requires direct access to its servers in case of an outage or maintenance window for its hardware and/or software. Telx makes this possible by providing a secure, low-cost connection to the ISP provider(s) and/or carrier(s) the company chooses.
  2. A multinational customer needs to have access to many carriers or service providers in order to demonstrate to that it has a strong domestic presence in the U.S. as well as an international presence. With Telx, the company can deploy its services in a data center located in a carrier hotel, which gives it the ability to grow while securing low-cost interconnectivity to a carrier-dense facility.

How could interconnection benefit me?

Telx’s Interconnect Portfolio is design to help you adapt quickly to rapidly changing technology and business needs through high-performance services, bandwidth choice and product flexibility. These options are tailored to the requirements of organizations that need versatile solutions. Many of our customers work in industries such as:

  • Application services
  • Internet services
  • Enterprise data networks
  • Carrier transport networks
  • Cloud architectures

When you use our services, you have your choice of public or private networks that can help you create, distribute, sell, store and consume mission-critical data as your business expands.

Telx provides connectivity services to a global ecosystem of more than 1,000 leading telecommunications carriers, ISPs, content providers and enterprises. We enable over 46,000 cross connections at our strategically located, carrier-neutral facilities.

Connectivity Product | Cross Connect

Within Telx’s carrier-neutral data centers, direct connections form each contact point between servers, providers and customers. Leveraging cross connects in a Telx facility opens the doors to more opportunities than anywhere else around the globe to complete tasks such as terminating your voice traffic, delivering content, accessing public IP or building new services in the cloud. In other words, cross connects put you in physical contact with the partners and services you need to make your operations work.

Telx interconnects a variety of telecom and technology companies, from VoIP startups that require specific routes to leading global Tier 1 service providers that buy and sell on a wholesale level. All customers are attached to an interconnection center, or “Meet-Me-Room” (MMR), where they have access to rich connectivity options. Read more about Cross Connects.

Connectivity Product | Metro Connect

Telx’s Metro ConnectSM offers you a convenient way to connect to other Telx or non-Telx data centers located within the same geographical metropolitan region. In other words, our services form a strong, reliable network between our facilities and other data centers, connecting you to the outside resources you need within the same metro space. Read more about Metro Connect and if it's right for you.

You can access networks, carriers and enterprise clients in nearby centers through transparent, high-bandwidth, frequency-based services. After choosing the right location as the base of your service, technology, network or content, you gain seamless access to a vast community of customers and partners.

Connectivity Product | Carrier Connect

Service providers often need to connect disparate information systems or networks – including different types of circuits. You may want to break high-speed circuits down to a lower speed for your customers, for example. Often, the initial investment required to set up the necessary infrastructure is lengthy and takes a long time to put in place. Carrier Connect is a powerful managed service platform that helps you make the right connections to get started serving your customers.

Carrier Connect acts as a mediating point between your cloud or connectivity services and your customers' systems or networks. Our platforms offer dynamic interoperability to broaden your possibilities without requiring you to invest in additional equipment. With multiplexing, circuit conversion and cross connections between carriers, you enjoy the following advantages:

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