The explosive growth and adoption of cloud services is fueling tremendous changes in IT. For enterprises in all industries, a key strategic initiative for CTOs and CIOs should be to look for the best ways to leverage the benefits of cloud services. It is also critical for cloud providers to differentiate their offerings in order to compete and thrive in an ever more crowded marketplace. Lastly, it is imperative that network providers support dynamic access to cloud destinations as a natural extension of the wide area networks they provide to enterprises.

At Telx, we power the easy consumption of holistic enterprise private cloud and managed IT solutions through Telx Cloud Connect. Telx Cloud Connect is a collection of premium cloud solutions from a strategic growing set of cloud partners. Our approach helps enterprise customers embrace cloud computing and the flexibility, agility, and cost savings it delivers – all in a cloud neutral, secure, highly redundant, and reliable environment.

We also facilitate direct, secure connections between cloud providers and businesses across our data centers, encouraging and enabling collaboration between companies that are accessing applications or cloud destinations through shared networks. This allows both parties to meet enterprise-level requirements for security, reliability and compliance while significantly increasing connectivity speed. Here’s how:


  • In today’s world of data hungry applications serviced by the cloud, quality of service is paramount and being close to your customers ensures the fastest delivery of content. 90% of the US population is within 12 milliseconds of a Telx datacenter facility, offering a better user experience for your customers.
  • Telx's Cloud Connect Data Centers (C3) are uniquely designed to enable cloud service providers to compete effectively with access to a global network of carriers while allowing them to take immediate advantage of the cloud growth cycle by scaling enterprise cloud operations quickly and efficiently.
  • Telx has world class data center facilities geographically disbursed and designed with the security, power density and redundancy that ensures the highest level of performance and availability which differentiates and adds value to cloud provider services.
  • With our industry-leading 100% uptime SLAs and 24 hour cross connect guarantees, Telx ensures its customers’ data is always available and accessible when they need it.


  • The integration of our infrastructure capabilities and provider cloud services creates the end-to-end solutions that make it easy for our customers to grow their businesses and remain competitive.
  • Telx manages both network neutral and campus style data centers, including four brand new facilities – SCL2 in Santa Clara, SEA1 in Seattle, PRT1 in Portland, and NJR3 (Shepcaro Center) in New Jersey – that offer hybrid cloud colocation solutions to provide greater flexibility in your IT infrastructure.


  • In December 2013, Telx formally launched a new cloud enablement program to help bring industry leading cloud service providers to our nationwide data center footprint. Multi-tenant data centers are key locations for network interconnects and for customers to gain access to a choice of network service providers.
  • Businesses can deploy solutions in an ecosystem supporting over 1,200 customers and promote services to potential customers through the Telx MarketPlacePORTAL.