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Telx is one of the more powerful providers of colocation and related services to the cloud and IT market with solutions that address the growing demands of this segment.

Here are some of the distinct advantages Telx offers to Cloud and IT providers:

Quality and Performance

Telx offers a robust, high performing, always available and scalable colocation and interconnectivity environment to help cloud and IT providers confidently deliver high-quality, reliable services to their customers. With 100 percent uptime and on-time SLAs, Telx provides Cloud and IT businesses with the assurance that they can deliver upon the quality their customers expect.

National Footprint

Telx operates 20 high-quality data centers across 13 strategic markets in the United States, offering cloud providers an environment in which they can expand geographically and provide the proximity needed for latency sensitive applications.

Flexibility and Scalability

Customizable and flexible configurations enable cloud and IT providers to meet their unique and modern needs, while Telx also provides an environment for them to cost-effectively grow and scale alongside demand and future growth requirements.


Extending reach of providers to new customers through Telx Cloud Xchange, Telx connects cloud and IT businesses to thousands of top-tier communications networks, enterprise customers and technology partners from around the globe. Through Telx’s Cloud Xchange ecosystem, cloud and IT providers can identify and create new business relationships that generate revenue-growing opportunities.

If you would like to learn more about the Cloud and IT market, please refer to the following studies, brochures and other assets provided by Telx:

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