Our Telx SFR1 data center is located in San Francisco, California.  If San Francisco, CA was its own country it would rank, at $535 billion, as the world’s 19th largest economy.  In fact, according to the San Francisco Center for Economic Development, worker productivity in the Bay area is double that of the national average while producing more patents than anywhere else in the country and attracting 36% of the nation’s total venture capital investment in dollars.  Nearly 1,900 tech companies are located here, representing 45,493 jobs.  Adding fuel to the economic fires, a September 2013 report published by Bloomberg Technology Summit found that the city of San Francisco led the nation in tech job growth for the last five years rising 51.8 percent from 2007 to 2012.

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The SFR1 - Telx Data Center


200 Paul Ave, San Francisco, California 94124

Telx® is the leading colocation and interconnection provider within 200 Paul Avenue, one of the premier data center and carrier facilities in Northern California. Acquired in 2006, the facility is seismically rated for protection against earthquakes.

Located south of downtown in one of the largest colocation markets in the U.S., the 200 Paul Avenue data center provides access to dozens of the leading domestic and international carriers, as well as physical connection points to the world's telecommunications networks and backbones.

SFR1’s carrier density makes it ideal in reaching point both north in the US as well to the south to our data center facilities, SCL1, SCL2 (Santa Clara) and LOS1 (Los Angeles). Access to both Asia and the East Coast are available from SFR1 data center (San Francisco).

Facility Specs

  • Building

    • 5 stories; 425,000 (sq.ft.)
  • Telx Leased

    • 46,990 (sq.ft.)
  • Flood Zone

    • Zone X (Unshaded): Outside 500 year flood plain
  • Seismic

    • Zone 4
  • Utility Power Capacity

    • 12,000 (kW) Shared
  • UPS Power Capacity

    • 3,435 (kW)
  • UPS Redundancy

    • 2N , 2N + MBP catcher
  • Power Density

    • 130-350 (W/sq.ft.)
  • DC Power Capacity

    • Available
  • Generator Power Capacity

    • 10,750 (kW) Shared
  • Generator Redundancy

    • N, N+1, 2N
  • Cooling Redundancy

    • N+1
  • Roof

    • Membrane and Reinforced Concrete Decking
    • Roof Rights Available - ICB
  • Floor Loading

    • Up to 150 (lbs/sq.ft.)
  • Fiber and Building Entry

    • Multiple Diverse Entrances
  • Peering Exchanges

    • SFMIX
    • AMS-IX
  • Security

    • 24x7 Onsite Security Personnel
    • Monitored by CCTV Camera Systems 24x7 with 90 day DVR
    • Biometric and Photo Badge Access Authentication Points for Data Center Entry
    • Security Check-In at Lobby with Man Trap into the Data Center Suites
    • Elevator Authentication and Corridor Security
    • Shell - Cast-in-Place (CIP) Concrete (Bulletproof)
    • SOC2, SOC3, and HIPAA Compliant
  • Parking

    • Available

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