The Telx LOS1 data center in Los Angeles, California is located in the heart of Downtown LA.  Los Angeles County has several “Number 1’s” associated with it including the country’s #1 Entertainment Capital, its #1 Manufacturing Capital and the #1 International Trade Capital of America (The Keyser Center for Economic Research). If it were a country its GDP, which already exceeds more than $500 billion in annual output, would be greater than Switzerland, Sweden and even Saudi Arabia. And, with a population approaching 10 million, it would rank as the eighth largest state in the country. Its Customs District, comprising the ports of Long Beach, Port Hueneme and LAX Airport, is the nation’s largest with the value of goods passing through it exceeding more than $357 billion, second only to New York.

The LOS1 - Telx Data Center


600 W 7th St, Los Angeles, California 90017

One of the premier colocation facilities in Southern California, 600 West 7th Street offers a seismically rated infrastructure and connectivity options to One Wilshire. The LOS1 colocation and data center facility also provides access to dozens of leading domestic and international carriers and physical connection points to the world’s telecommunications networks, backbones and data centers.

As one of the most prominent technology facilities on the West Coast, 600 West 7th Street offers a secure, reliable environment for your equipment as well as redundant and least-cost routing to hundreds of carriers or a simple cost-effective cross connect to your critical software-as-a-service (SaaS), CRM, cloud or other business service partners.

Facility Specs


  • 7 stories; 490,000 (sq.ft.)

Telx Leased

  • 21,947 (sq.ft.)

Flood Zone

  • Outside 100 year flood plain


  • Zone 4

Utility Power Capacity

  • 3780 (kW)

UPS Power Capacity

  • 1020 (kW)

UPS Redundancy

  • 2N

Power Density

  • 80-225 (W/sq.ft.)

DC Power Capacity

  • 250 (kW)

Generator Power Capacity

  • 2100 (kW)

Generator Redundancy

  • N+1

Cooling Redundancy

  • N+1


  • Membrane and reinforced concrete decking
  • Roof rights available

Floor Loading

  • 125 (lbs/sq.ft.)

Fiber and Building Entry

  • Diverse conduit entry points


  • 24x365 manned security
  • SOC 2 and SOC 3 Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Digital video monitoring and recording


  • Available