The Telx ATL1 data center in Atlanta, Georgia is a 160,000 square foot data center, located at 56 Marietta Street, in the heart of Atlanta.  Atlanta serves as a hub for transportation and global logistics and it is ranked 5th in overall employment nationally.  Atlanta was recently recognized as a top 10 “American City of the Future’ by FDI Magazine.   Atlanta is not only a well-tuned economic engine, but also one of the Southeast’s true crown jewels. Emerging centers of excellence include more than 300 bioscience companies that have operations in or expanded to metro Atlanta. Home to 26 Fortune 1000 companies and global technology leaders with core disciplines in digital content and distribution, software publishing as well as internet security, the city of Atlanta has been named the nation’s 2nd most wired city and, significantly, as the most favorable U.S. city for data centers.

The ATL1 - Telx Data Center


56 Marietta St, Atlanta, Georgia 30303

The Southeast's largest concentration of telecommunications companies can be found at Telx's 56 Marietta Street data center facility. Atlanta is a major interconnection point between Florida and New York and Telx's downtown facility sits on top of most of this fiber. As a result, businesses have more choices for carrier-neutral interconnection, colocation and data center access from this location compared to any other in the region.

Telx® acquired this 160,000 sq.ft. interconnection and colocation facility in 2004 and today is the building's interconnection area operator. ATL1 complies with or exceeds International Telecommunication Union (ITU) industry standards.

Facility Specs


  • 10 stories; 160,000 (sq.ft.)

Telx Leased

  • 152,650 (sq.ft.)

Flood Zone

  • Outside 10 year flood plain


  • Zone 2A

Utility Power Capacity

  • 8500 (kW)

UPS Power Capacity

  • 2400 (kW)

UPS Redundancy

  • N+1

Power Density

  • 80-225 (W/sq.ft.)

DC Power Capacity

  • 800 (kW)

Generator Power Capacity

  • 8500 (kW)

Generator Redundancy

  • N - N+1

Cooling Redundancy

  • N+1


  • Concrete deck with raised steel platform
  • Roof rights available

Floor Loading

  • 185 (lbs/sq.ft.)

Fiber and Building Entry

  • More than 2 entrances


  • 24x365 lobby and facility staff
  • SOC 2 and SOC 3 Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Monitoring: mission critical systems, surveillance, access control


  • Parking available