Telx is a new kind of data center solution provider fueling infrastructure, interconnection and business progress.

Our 22, carrier-neutral Telx data centers are strategically located in 14 U.S. markets. This equates to 1.3 million square feet of data center space and more than 50,000 connections to high performance global networks, effectively enabling the interconnection of more than 10 million square feet of data center space.

These facilities offer comprehensive interconnection services support, protecting and connecting some of the world’s most demanding and critical business infrastructure.

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Telx facilities key facts:

  • 100% uptime and 100% on-time SLAs
  • 24 hour cross connect guarantees
  • 22 facilities in 14 strategic U.S. markets
  • 1.3 million square feet
  • 50,000+ network cross-connects to 10+ million square feet of datacenter space 
  • 90% of U.S. population is within 12 milliseconds of a Telx facility

So, how can Telx help connect your business to its next opportunity?

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Have you ever wondered what the Cloud really is? Check out our infographic "Demystifying the Cloud" above, and see the Cloud clearer than ever before.

Demystifying the Cloud

Have you ever wondered how the internet really works? Check out our infographic "Behind the Internet Cloud" above, and see the intricate system that connects our digital world.

Behind the Internet Curtain

The Internet is a space of near infinite possibilities. It contains more information than all the libraries in the world. The fascinating thing is that despite how massive and ambiguous the Internet seems, it runs on a network of data centers and cables.

The Network of Data Centers

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