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What is Colocation?

Colocation is the housing of equipment and or services within a shared space amongst many providers, carriers, financial providers, etc. It includes the installation of critical equipment in an offsite facility (typically), usually referred to as a Datacenter. The datacenter acts as a fortress type environment to ensure your critical equipment remains secure and your data free from risk or compromise due to natural or man-made disasters.

How do I know if Colocation is right for me?

Just as there are myriad types of customers, technology use cases differ from business to business. Below you will find examples of how real customers use these service-based technologies in a Telx setting:

  1. A well rounded Internet Service Provider (ISP) and its retail shop attract thousands of customers online every day that purchase items from their store. This store is critical to the buyer and needs to be available 24/7. Placing the servers for the business in a data center ensures that uptime is met and its security requirements satisfied.
  2. With the Internet representing a substantial portal for growth in his business, a new and upcoming stock trader has launched his first-ever trading site. He needs to have many different, reliable and low-latency connections to service providers. Housing his equipment inside of a carrier neutral datacenter provides him many options of connectivity to the outside world and back to his office. On the other hand, selecting colocation from any carrier he will only have the option for service from that carrier. The diversity of being able to connect with multiple carriers in a datacenter setting enables not only redundancy, but also optimal uptime for his business.
  3. The healthcare industry needs to ensure their medical services are up and running 24/7 365, no excuses. Many hospitals will turn to datacenters to house their equipment. The datacenter provides 24/7 access to equipment, features fully protected power that’s backed up by UPS and generators while ensuring equipment is cooled as it should be to maintain its longevity. With multiple connectivity options from the datacenter back to the hospital, colocation provides the ability to have mission-critical equipment fully supported — but without it needing to be onsite where internal resources must be engaged in order to maintain it.

How Could These Services Benefit Me?

Telx offers one of the best service offerings in the US. With a robust and growing portfolio that represents connectivity to major U.S. markets, Telx is sure to have a solution that fits your needs.

One great advantage that Telx brings to the table is the flexibility we can offer to our customers. Telx has a large footprint that isn’t measured by the length of big business red tape or politics, either of which has the ability to take the eye off of our customers. With Telx, that’s just not how we do business.

With room for your business’ growth available in every single facility Telx owns or operates, we can support all of your colocation needs. You will not be locked out of a select site due to services being unavailable in the building. Additionally, over the past two years Telx has also expanded or built out all our major network-centric facilities to ensure capacity for your growing customer base.

Aggressive pricing in each market and a commitment to ensure all customers are delighted with the service they receive from Telx is a priority for every member of our sales team, augmented by open door executive sponsorship and flexible, responsive customer-based solutions. Robust helping hands enabled by well qualified technicians and infrastructure that is maintained and refreshed before end of life is assigned provides peace-of-mind that your equipment, colocated in our facilities, is our top priority 24x7x365.