The Importance of a Well-Run Meet-Me-Room


Data centers are, in a word, massive. Across all of our data centers, millions of square feet, hundreds of telecom carriers, tens of thousands of cross connects, and millions of miles of fiber connecting dozens of operating suites—all with different rules and regulations—make navigating a carrier hotel a full-time job in itself. So how do you ensure connectivity amongst the many tenants and connectivity options residing in a modern carrier hotel? Connectivity… Read More

NYC3 Adds Two New Generators

If you’ve been reading our blog over the last few weeks, you’re probably familiar with our newest facility, NYC3. NYC3 is Telx’s third New York City based data center, and in addition to contributing to the already great levels of service and connectivity you’ve come to expect from… Read More

How Healthcare Is Using Big Data

For better or worse, 90 percent of all the world’s data has been generated over the past two years, in large thanks to the Internet of Things and the startling emergence of mainstream Big Data. For a long time, no one was really sure of how to use that data. In fact, many people and… Read More

MIT’s Fastpass: Creating No-Wait Data Centers?

A new article from MIT News recently drew attention to what could end up being big news for the data center services world. A new MIT system, called Fastpass, could reduce data-transmission delays across server farms by 99.6 percent (yes, you read that correctly). Currently, data… Read More

Infographic: How do companies prepare for disasters?

More than ever before, companies across industries depend on digital programs and data to complete their day-to-day operations and meet core business objectives. In addition to ensuring high availability and optimal performance, organizations must be prepared for the unexpected. Inclement… Read More

Cybercrime, By the Numbers

On Sunday, the venture-capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz invested $90 million in a company called Tanium Inc. Andreeseen Horowitz is famous for backing companies like Facebook and Pinterest. But what does the relatively unheard-of company Tanium Inc. specialize in? As it turns out,… Read More

Telx Data Center Spotlight: NYC3

When it comes to data centers, you might think that every data center is the same. To some extent, that may be true—most data centers are based off of similar principles, and all of them are used to house the incredible amounts of data around today. Even so, there are variances in… Read More

Taking a Look at the Ten Strangest Data Center Outages

Would you believe us if we told you that a data center outage was once caused by servers being picked up and shipped across the northeast on a truck? What if we told you about an outage caused by a ship’s anchor cutting an undersea cable? While those outages we just mentioned may sound… Read More

The Danger of Fake Patches

We talk a lot about threats to data security on this blog, and personal experience has probably acquainted you with everything from Trojan Horses to phishing. Here’s a particularly sneaky threat that’s becoming more and more common: fake patches. Part of what makes them a problem is… Read More

Managing Today’s Data Centers

The ongoing evolution of data center technology means that businesses are continuing to receive better and better service and efficiency from colocation providers like Telx. But it also means that IT departments—both at colocation providers and at other enterprises—need to continue to… Read More

Examining 40 Maps that Explain the Internet

Taking a look at what’s going on behind the scenes of the Internet almost always ends with new insights that regular Internet users weren’t aware of before. Whether you’re looking at what happens when you use an online streaming service like Netflix, or listening to what the Internet… Read More

Telx’s Mike Terlizzi Interviewed for Article in Data Center Knowledge

Yesterday, Mike Terlizzi, Executive Vice President, Engineering & Construction here at Telx, was interviewed for an article in Data Center Knowledge. The article, titled “Can Dragonfly Attacks Cause Data Center Outages?,” looks into the potential threat to data centers posed by a group… Read More

Why Is Security So Important?

Security is one of the most frequently discussed topics in the data center services world. But why is security so important? The importance of security is hard to overstate. But in taking a closer look at why security is so important, it becomes clear why so many companies invest so… Read More

How Can the Cloud Help Your Business?

Discussions of the benefits of the cloud are hard not to be a part of these days. But in those types of discussions, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. Can the cloud really help my business become more efficient? Will it actually save me money? Questions like these and more… Read More

For Healthcare, Data Center Outsourcing Comes with Many Benefits

More than many other industries, healthcare depends on data. From patient files, to billing information, to big data for tracking trends across the industry, data is a centerpiece of the healthcare industry in the 21st century. It makes sense, then, that businesses in the healthcare… Read More

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