Digital Realty Acquires Telx: Power of Connection Realized

I could not be more pleased to announce today that Digital Realty has acquired Telx, in the culmination of the plan we announced in July.  This opens a new and transformative chapter in the history of Digital Realty.   We built the global standard for technical real estate, developing a unique capability to acquire, manage, and scale data center campuses.  Now, the new Digital Realty is building a unique ecosystem of open solutions powering customer growth through… Read More

  • Mon, Oct 12, 2015
  • Written by William Stein

Meet the Telx Team at the FIA Expo In Chicago, November 3-5!

When the Futures Industry Association (FIA) was founded in 1955 in New York as the Association of Commodity Exchange Firms, it was meant to provide a forum for industry firms and their customers on everything from reducing costs to eliminating the abuse of credit. The FIA has evolved… Read More

  • Mon, Oct 5, 2015
  • Written by Kristen McAvoy

To Make Big Data Useful, Visualize

Big Data is, in a word, big. Wikibon projects the Big Data market will top $84B in 2026, up from $27.36B in 2014, and an Accenture survey found that 89% of business leaders believe Big Data will revolutionize business operations in the same way the Internet did. Big Data is booming so much… Read More

  • Thu, Oct 1, 2015
  • Written by Michael DeVito

Telx Is an AWS Re:Invent Sponsor—Meet Us In Vegas October 6-9!

To say that Amazon Web Services, or AWS, has taken the public cloud by storm would be an understatement. According to a financial earnings report from earlier this year, AWS pulled in $4.6 billion in revenue in 2014—up 49% from the year before. Amazon has reported a "multi hundred thousand… Read More

  • Mon, Sep 28, 2015
  • Written by Kristen McAvoy

Q&A with NYTech CEO

Next Month Telx is excited to partner with the New York Technology Council ( as we host a new track of events around all things tech infrastructure and cloud. In anticipation of the event we sat down with the NYTEch CEO Erik Grimmelmann to talk all things tech and… Read More

  • Fri, Sep 25, 2015
  • Written by Jessica Smith

Netflix Goes All-Cloud

In a blog post last year, we urged customers to get on board the cloud—to get up to speed with what we called then “the future of IT.” Many companies are doing this, but as more and more companies get on board the cloud, a large number are pursuing hybrid solutions. It’s rare to see… Read More

  • Thu, Sep 24, 2015
  • Written by Don Schuett

Introducing Lume, the Newest Member of the Telx Cloud Xchange

The Telx Cloud Xchange ecosystem is loaded with a variety of cloud solutions from a diverse set of cloud service providers. Today, we’re pleased to announce the introduction of a new member of the Cloud Xchange: Lume. Lume is the type of company who will work side-by-side with your IT… Read More

  • Wed, Sep 23, 2015
  • Written by John Freimuth

“Data Center Demand Rises as High as the Cloud(s),” per National Real Estate Investor

According to Pew Research, about 65% of American adults now own a smartphone.  The cloud technology that services those users, combined with demand from the financial, technology, social media and healthcare sectors, is driving up demand for data centers nationwide.  Robert Carr of… Read More

  • Fri, Sep 18, 2015
  • Written by Andrew Baird

What Toyota Can Teach You About Modern IT

In a recent piece for Harvard Business Review, venture capitalist Maxwell Wessel presents an interesting idea: that the auto industry has a lot to learn from cloud computing. Noting that today's new transportation vendors like Uber and Zipcar are changing our relationship with cars, Wessel… Read More

  • Wed, Sep 16, 2015
  • Written by Michael DeVito

Don’t Miss Chris Downie’s Conversation With NTT from Telx MarketplaceLIVE!

The attendees have gone home, the stage has long since been disassembled, the exhibitors have packed up shop, and the speakers have wrapped up their keynotes, but our annual Telx MarketplaceLIVE conference is far from over—or at least, its impact is still being felt. Although there's… Read More

  • Mon, Sep 14, 2015
  • Written by Jessica Smith

How Prepared Are You for a Disaster Near Your Data Center?

In trying to imagine a worst-case scenario for potential disaster in the data center, you’d have a hard time picking an event more frightening than Hurricane Sandy in 2012. On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy made a sharp turn on a clear path for New Jersey’s coast. A storm of this size… Read More

  • Wed, Sep 2, 2015
  • Written by Mitch Fonseca

5 Ways Interconnection Builds a Better Enterprise

When it comes to connectivity, not all data centers are created equal. Colocating into a Telx data center facility offers you access to an incredible ecosystem of connections between equipment, services, and users. These kinds of connections are harder to come by for company-built data… Read More

  • Wed, Aug 26, 2015
  • Written by Michael DeVito

The Telx Internet Exchange, Explained In 90 Seconds

  The Internet is a network of networks. When you send an email or upload a file to Dropbox, your data gets started on its long path to its destination. To reach its final destination, your data must navigate a series of networks, or peers. Along the way, your network information may be… Read More

  • Mon, Aug 24, 2015
  • Written by Damion Lackamp

The ‘Big 3’ for IT Vendor Selection

Any company that’s ever dealt with outsourcing a service or entering a relationship with an outside company likely has some type of formal vendor selection process. Some organizations are more formal about vendor selection than others. (Governments know this well.) More formal vendor… Read More

  • Thu, Aug 20, 2015
  • Written by Michael DeVito

Acacia Case Study: Connecting Communities to Scalable Healthcare IT

  When Raul Russi, CEO of Acacia Network, first started asking questions about the company’s technology backbone, he didn’t like what he saw. Acacia Network is a community-based organization offering a unique constellation of services in the areas of health, housing, and economic… Read More

  • Fri, Aug 14, 2015
  • Written by Andrew Green

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