PTC’15 Highlights With Membership Committee Co-Chairs

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Following PTC’15, Pacific Telecommunications Council members Will Hughs (Telstra) and Anthony Rossabi (Telx) offered up their thoughts on the event in PTC’s monthly newsletter. We’ve republished their comments below. "Dear Members, These last few years at PTC have left us feeling a curious blend of emotions: nostalgia as veteran members retire, excitement at the scale of bandwidth being discussed with some of our newer Internet company participants, awe at… Read More

MarketplacePORTAL - Improving The Customer Experience

One of the key ways we’re improving your experience as a customer is through the MarketplacePORTAL, our online marketplace and customer portal. For some of our customers, this is the platform they use everyday, often multiple times per day to manage their data center resources. For… Read More

Want to Grow as a Service Provider? Don’t Forget These 3 Key Factors

Opening that first out-of-market or out-of-country Point of Presence (POP) is always a big step for a carrier to take. But having worked with hundreds of telecommunications carriers on doing exactly this, I’d like to share some insight on what to look for in a colocation provider while… Read More

From Startups to Enterprises, Businesses of All Sizes Can Utilize Telx’s Capacity

I’d like you to imagine for a moment that you’re a growing business in need of data center space. Despite knowing that you have several options (like colocating) that don’t require large investments up-front, your business defies expectations and choses to build your own data center. The… Read More

Cloud Survey Shows Continued Momentum Behind Enterprise Cloud Adoption in 2015

So you are curious about the state of the cloud in 2015? So are we. For a true assessment of cloud adoption rates over the years, few reports have been as useful as Right Scale’s aptly named State of the Cloud Survey. Covering trends in public, private, and hybrid cloud adoptions, how… Read More

Revisiting the World’s Largest Data Center - 350 E Cermak Rd - CHI1

If I were to ask you to envision what you think the world’s largest data center looked like, chances are, you probably wouldn’t think of a building that’s over 100 years old. As it turns out, however, the world’s largest data center, home of Telx’s CHI1 facility, is housed in a… Read More

Want to Embrace the Future? Get On Board With IPv6

The data center industry is constantly evolving. Of the many technologies and trends influencing the way we think about data centers, however, few are more important to the future of the Internet than IPv6. As we mentioned in a blog post about IPv4 last year, IPv4 is already pushing… Read More

Press Release: DigitalOcean Continues Strategic Growth in Telx Data Centers

Telx, a leading provider of global interconnectivity, data center solutions, and cloud enablement services, today announced that the third largest cloud hosting company in the world, DigitalOcean, has expanded its cloud platform after deploying additional virtual servers in Telx’s SCL2… Read More

5 Great Quotes for CIOs about Leadership, Data Centers, and the Cloud

The Twitterverse is ripe with information on nearly everything you could imagine. Insights and advice for CIOs are no exception. A quick search of the hashtag #CIO pulls up thousands of results—and that’s just from the last 48 hours. Of course, determining which of these insights and… Read More

Just Released: Cloud Computing Market Trends in 2015 [White Paper]

In the data center colocation industry and beyond, cloud computing is one of the most widely talked about trends out there today—and for good reason. Current estimates show that as many as 9 out of 10 IT professionals believe that cloud computing is the future of IT, with some 80% of… Read More

Highlights from #PTC15

The flip-flops are back in the closet, the tans have (mostly) faded, and we’ve traded sunny beaches for snowy streets, but we’re happy to say that this year’s Pacific Telecommunications Council conference (#PTC15) was a resounding success! As we have in previous years, several… Read More

Press Release: Telx Adds AMS-IX New York to its Facility at 111 8th Avenue

Telx, a leading provider of global interconnectivity, data center solutions, and cloud enablement services, and AMS-IX USA Inc., a subsidiary of AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), today announced they have partnered to open an AMS-IX New York Point of Presence (PoP) within Telx's NYC2… Read More

At SEA1, We’re Rooting for Seattle this Sunday!

The big game this Sunday is almost upon us! After several weeks of playoffs and several tough eliminations, Seattle and New England are facing off this Sunday, February 1st, for one of the greatest events in all of professional sports. While Telx has facilities all over the… Read More

Are You Comfortable Having Your Data Center In a Flood Zone?

According to a new study by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), flooding during high tides, which used to be rare, “is now common in some places and is projected to grow to the point that sections of coastal cities may flood so often they would become unusable in the near future”… Read More

How a Whole Country Goes Offline

Whether you’ve seen Sony’s recent comedy The Interview or not, chances are, you’ve at least heard about it in the news. In case you’re still in the dark, here’s a quick overview: On November 24th, Sony Pictures was hacked. Leaked documents included salaries, SSNs, healthcare records, and… Read More

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