Using a Neutral Data Center to Connect to the Cloud: Public IP vs. Direct Connect


There’s no doubt that the cloud is growing. Data center traffic in the cloud is expected to increase fivefold through 2017, and more and more CIOs are starting to realize that the cloud is a great way to reduce costs while also increasing efficiency and scalability.There’s only one problem: as this reliance upon the cloud continues to grow, older methods of connecting to the cloud are starting to become outdated, whether for security, cost, or even just… Read More

How International Carriers Can Benefit from the Telx Ecosystem

The world today is more connected than ever before.Even so, building a fast and reliable international network can sometimes seem like a monumental task. International carriers looking to expand and reach into new markets have a variety of options for doing so, and not all options are… Read More

The Growth of the Cloud and How This Affects the Growth of Data Centers

The growth of the cloud in recent years has been immense, to say the least.A survey of CIOs in late 2013 by asset management firm Piper Jaffray found that annual growth in workloads for the public cloud versus on-premise computing workloads is expected to be 44% versus just 8.9%--a… Read More

Telx Data Center Spotlight: NJR3

 Here at Telx, our commitment to excellence spans from our industry leading customer service all the way down to the data centers we house your valuable data in. And our flagship Telx data center NJR3 is a great example of that commitment that starts from the moment we commit to… Read More

Managed Services and the Cloud: What You Need to Know

In today’s rapidly evolving IT environment, the need for a dynamic IT department—and versatile IT capabilities—is high.The cloud, whether public, private, or even hybrid, can help a business scale more easily and efficiently than if they did that work in-house—but what about the rest… Read More

What Are Some of the Major Criteria for Evaluating and Selecting a Cloud Provider?

The benefits of the cloud are many. The cloud is flexible, scalable, and generally cost-efficient, which is why it makes sense for a lot of businesses.But those benefits are only true if you select a trustworthy, reliable cloud provider. There are many cloud providers to choose from,… Read More

What Is DIA?

As we say a lot here on our blog, in the 21st century, connectivity is everything. And few things are more important to businesses in this day and age than a stable Internet connection.Dedicated Internet Access, or DIA, provides just that, a direct Internet connection that can be used… Read More

What’s the Difference Between 2N and N+1 Redundancy?

In the world of data center colocation, redundancy is essential. Redundancy, as you might expect, refers to a system design where a component is duplicated so that in the event of a failure, there is a backup present.Redundant systems help data centers work through outages and other… Read More

Security and Compliance: Need-to-Know Abbreviations

As we’ve mentioned here on our blog before, the data center services world is full of many terms and abbreviations that are often very tough to follow if you don’t work in the industry.Nowhere is that more true than in the security and compliance segment of data center services. From… Read More

Telx’s Ben Gonyea Interviewed on NPR’s Planet Money

Earlier today, Ben Gonyea, Vice President of Product here at Telx, was interviewed for a segment in National Public Radio’s Planet Money.In the segment, “When Everyone Wants To Watch ‘House Of Cards,’ Who Pays?”, Ben helps NPR’s Zoe Chace trace what happens when an average Internet… Read More

What Is Internet Peering, and Why Is It Beneficial?

The world of data center services is full of terms that can get very confusing if you’re not familiar with the industry. From power density to carrier neutrality and everywhere in between, keeping up on these terms can seem like a job of its own.Here at Telx, however, we want to make… Read More

How Can Internet Exchange Help My Business?

An Internet Exchange provides a way for customers to quickly and easily exchange IP traffic via direct peering arrangements with other exchange members.Our Internet Exchange here at Telx is called the Telx Internet Exchange, or TIE. Not only do we provide Ethernet Connect and direct… Read More

Bringing Two Worlds Together with UX

Telx’s MarketplacePORTAL houses over 4,000 unique users per month, and the site offers many, diverse functionalities from standard data center management tools to social networking matchmaking mechanisms.  With all of these features, one would expect it could get quite confusing to find… Read More

Why Is the Value of Your Data Center Directly Proportional to the Connectivity Options that Reside Within It?

In this day and age, connectivity is everything. Whether you’re looking to directly connect to a cloud provider like Amazon Web Services, seeking connection to a financial exchange for your trading business, or hoping to expand your business globally by connecting to a global carrier,… Read More

What Are the Benefits of Hybrid Clouds?

You’ve heard of the cloud. And you know the difference between a public and a private cloud.  But what is a hybrid cloud, and why does it matter to your business?In framing the idea of a hybrid cloud, it’s useful to think about the different benefits that a public and private cloud… Read More

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