Are You Comfortable Having Your Data Center In a Flood Zone?

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According to a new study by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), flooding during high tides, which used to be rare, “is now common in some places and is projected to grow to the point that sections of coastal cities may flood so often they would become unusable in the near future” (GSN Magazine). In fact, compared to historic levels, the study found that high-tide flood levels in the towns analyzed could triple in the next 15 years, and increase ten-fold in 30… Read More

How a Whole Country Goes Offline

Whether you’ve seen Sony’s recent comedy The Interview or not, chances are, you’ve at least heard about it in the news. In case you’re still in the dark, here’s a quick overview: On November 24th, Sony Pictures was hacked. Leaked documents included salaries, SSNs, healthcare records, and… Read More

Press Release: Telx Expands ‘Urban Giants’ Footprint in Two New York City Data Centers

Telx, a leading provider of global interconnectivity, data center solutions and cloud enablement services, today announced the expansions of its NYC1 & NYC3 data center facilities by 60,000 square feet and 50,000 square feet respectively. Known as the ‘Urban Giants’ from the… Read More

MarketplacePORTAL Now Supports Mobile

Telx is excited to announce that our MarketplacePORTAL product now supports mobile and tablet browsers through Responsive Design. Responsive Design means the web app will adjust to your phone or tablet’s resolution. Virtually all modern devices are now supported including iPhone, iPad,… Read More

Webinar Just Released: The Evolving Data Center - Preparing the CIO for IT Evolution

Last week, Don Schuett, Telx’s Vice President of Business Development & Strategy, continued our GigaOM webinar series with a webinar titled “The Evolving Data Center—Preparing the CIO for IT Evolution.” Although we encourage viewers to watch our webinars live when possible, we also want… Read More

Infographic: What the Internet of Things Means for You at Home and In Business

The Internet of Things is already having a profound impact on the way we live our lives—both personally and in business. As we discussed in our blog about how the Internet of Things will affect data centers, this massive influx of connected devices is putting more and more pressure on… Read More

Telx’s Anthony Rossabi Elected to the PTC Board of Governors

On November 25, 2014, Anthony Rossabi, Senior Vice President of Service Provider Markets at Telx, was elected to the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) Board of Governors. The Pacific Telecommunications Council is the leading professional organization promoting the advancement… Read More

Downtime is for the Birds: Public Utility Failures are No Match for SEA1’s Redundancies

Telx’s preparedness clearly showed through in 2012, when all of our East Coast facilities remained fully operational throughout Hurricane Sandy and the events that followed. Over the weekend, a fluke accident near our SEA1 data center in Seattle, Washington gave us the opportunity to once… Read More

Just Released: Cloud 2014—A Look Back and a Look Ahead [Webinar Recording]

Earlier this week, John Freimuth, GM of Cloud & IT Services here at Telx, participated as a panelist in a Telx-sponsored webinar titled “Cloud 2014—A Look Back and a Look Ahead.” The webinar went very well and we had a hundreds of people attend, but if you missed it live, don’t fret: the… Read More

Telx’s Don Schuett to Participate in GigaOM Webinar on December 9, 2014

Don Schuett, Vice President of Business Development & Strategy here at Telx, will be participating as a panelist in a Telx-sponsored webinar titled “The Evolving Data Center—Preparing the CIO for IT Evolution.” The webinar will take place on Tuesday, December 9, 2014, from 1:00-2:00pm… Read More

Just Released: Video from All 4 Sessions at MarketplaceLIVE West 2014

Last week, we followed up our annual MarketplaceLIVE West conference with videos of our two fantastic keynotes by Eric Haseltine and Michael Hawley. In our post about the keynotes, we mentioned that we’d have more videos from MarketplaceLIVE West, and today, we’re pleased to report that… Read More

Telx’s John Freimuth to Participate in GigaOM Webinar on December 2, 2014

John Freimuth, GM of Cloud & IT Services here at Telx, will be participating as a panelist in a Telx-sponsored webinar titled “Cloud 2014—A Look Back and a Look Ahead.” The webinar will take place tommorrow Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014, from 1:00-2:00pm EST. Also participating as… Read More

Just Released: Keynote Videos from Telx’s MarketplaceLIVE West 2014

We’re happy to say that MarketplaceLIVE West 2014 was a resounding success. We had hundreds of attendees, many excellent sponsors, 4 individual panel sessions on a variety of topics, and two keynote speakers who drew the attention of everyone at the venue. To follow up on the latter,… Read More

Telx Selected as a Technology Fast 500™ Award Winner for 2014

Today, the Telx team is happy to announce that Telx has been selected as a Technology Fast 500™ award winner for 2014. The Technology Fast 500 is an award program sponsored by Deloitte that recognizes 500 of the fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and… Read More

Research Exchange Points in the 21st Century:  A NYSERNet Feature PT 2 of 2

Continuing from PT 1, this blog concludes the introduction to Telx customer, NYSERNet, and delivers the white paper, Planning for the Future:  Research Exchange Points in the 21t Century. Before you dive into the white paper, however, be sure to plan on watching President of NYSERNet,… Read More

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