Get On Board the Cloud: The Future of IT Is Upon Us


These days, it’s hardly innovative to embrace the cloud. Unlike a few years ago when the technology first started seeing widespread use, today, businesses are using the cloud in a variety of ways. It’s nearly a forgone conclusion that businesses should be using the cloud. Even so, some large businesses are still lagging behind in terms of cloud adoption, whether because of concerns about security, cost, or difficulties in convincing senior executives that the… Read More

The Telx MarketplacePORTAL 101

When you join the Telx ecosystem, you have instant access to resources and tools to grow your business. We think of our Telx data centers as marketplaces: a common platform for our customer base to do business with each other. This usually happens in two ways: 1) relationship building… Read More

Why DIA?

As anyone who has spent time reading business blogs knows, the technology world is ripe with buzzwords. From ‘disruptive’ to the ‘Internet of Things’ to yes, ‘cloud,’ there’s no shortage of words you’ll hear thrown around with varying amounts of actual meaning and context. Sometimes, in… Read More

Number of Small Businesses In the Cloud to Hit 80% by 2020

We all know by now that the cloud enables business success; businesses small and large can all see great gains in efficiency, cost savings, and growth in moving certain processes to the cloud. But today, the cloud isn’t as widely adopted by small businesses as you might think. According… Read More

Why Gaming and Data Centers Go Hand-In-Hand

If you know anything about what early video games were like—Pong, anyone?—then you’re probably amazed to see what they’ve become today. Today’s games are more complex, more visually appealing, and yes, they take more resilient networks in order to operate. What’s equally as… Read More

SFR1: A Door to the West Coast

Our data centers on the East Coast—especially our data centers in New York and New Jersey—have long provided our customers a host of connectivity options and other services. Telx started on the East Coast, and our presence there reflects that. We’re proud of what we’ve built and take… Read More

The Current State of IPv4

IPv4—Internet Protocol version 4—is the name for the IP addressing/numbering scheme currently holding the incumbent status in the IP world of 2014. IPv4 has been the de facto IP address-numbering scheme since its introduction in 1981. Unfortunately, however, IPv4 has seen better… Read More

How Physically Secure Is Your Data Center?

In 2006, after a line of break-ins affecting communications companies, thieves broke into a London data center, stealing a number of router cards and disrupting voice and data cervices to businesses in London. Something similar happened a few years later. Thieves broke into a Vodafone… Read More

3 Ways Telx Can Help You Grow Your Business

In many ways, growth is the ultimate business frontier. Whether that’s year-over-year monetary growth, geographic expansion into other areas, or even just the growth of your team, growth is widely viewed as a key indicator of success for businesses of all sizes. Especially in today’s… Read More

What IT Outsourcing Customers Want

The world of IT outsourcing is a fickle one. On the one hand, IT outsourcing has the ability to be a tremendous value-add for companies with the right provider. But on the other hand, the outsourcing provider is often the first one to get the boot if the outsourcing client isn’t… Read More

Joining Telx’s Team

Here at Telx, our people are our best asset. We take great pride in providing a level of customer responsiveness and infrastructure resilience that is recognized throughout the industry. From technical support around the clock to data center management and everything in between, our team… Read More

The World’s Most Unusual Data Centers: Infographic

In a recent post, we talked about the ten strangest data center outages. Modern data centers are very secure, but there are a handful of examples (like a squirrel taking out a Yahoo! data center by chewing through cable) of strange outages that sound too strange to be true. But… Read More

Data Centers: Build vs. Buy

As companies grow and scale, it’s nearly a forgone conclusion that they’re going to need more data center capacity. Companies across a variety of industries—from healthcare, to financial services, to retail, and everything in between—are all amassing large quantities of data and evolving… Read More

Unlocking the Intrinsic Value of a Live Event

The Digital ‘Divide’ In today’s digital age, professionals are inundated on a daily basis with new communications technologies and different ways of digital interaction.  Many of our face-to-face meetings have been replaced by video or phone conferences, email and text messages, or FAQ… Read More

Telx Makes the 2014 Inc. 5000

For the 5th time, Telx has made the Inc. list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. With current estimates showing that there are around 6,000,000 private companies in the United States, that places Telx in the top one-hundredth of a percent of the nation’s companies. As… Read More

About Telx

At Telx, our team is ready to help you succeed. Our goal is to create the most effective solutions for your business. Within our ecosystem we help businesses create well-connected communities. With 48,000+ direct connections providing lower costs, near zero latency and fewer points of failure, organizations can improve network performance, reduce time to market and tap into new business opportunities to build a competitive advantage.