Introducing the Telx Cloud Xchange


The era of cloud computing is upon us. Actually, it’s been upon us for some time. As we mentioned in a recent blog post, today, nearly nine out of ten IT professionals believe that the cloud is the future of IT, and more than 80% of those same professionals have already deployed at least one cloud service. Needless to say, the cloud is a growing part of every IT professional’s arsenal. Here at Telx, we recognize the need for the cloud and continue to offer new… Read More

Infographic: How Social Networks are Transforming the World

When people think of Facebook or YouTube, the first thoughts that come to mind are probably their personal connections and some amusing viral videos.  However, social media networks have evolved and grown to such an extent that they now play much broader, deeper roles: They’re changing… Read More

Telx’s MarketplacePORTAL wins Liferay’s Pulse Award

We are excited to announce that the Telx MarketplacePORTAL was awarded Liferay’s Pulse Award for Best Collaboration and Social Project for 2014. Liferay's Pulse Awards recognize the people and companies behind creative and innovating projects built using the Liferay portal platform.… Read More

Press Release: Telx Helps ZenoRadio Reach More Listeners Across North America

Telx, a leading provider of global interconnectivity, cloud enablement services, and data center solutions, today announced that ZenoRadio is leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect in its NJR2 data center facility. ZenoRadio enables radio and other audio content from around… Read More

Staying On the Right Side of Cyber Security Protection

Cyber security is not a new issue—that much ought to be clear to anyone working in any industry even remotely connected to technology. From healthcare all the way to retail, companies are continuing to look for ways to stay secure in the face of an increasing number of security… Read More

The Network of Data Centers - Infographic

The Internet is a space of near infinite possibilities. It contains more information than all the libraries in the world. The fascinating thing is that despite how massive and ambiguous the Internet seems, it runs on a network of data centers and cables. These are physical connections and… Read More

Scalability and the Data Center of the Future

You’ve probably heard the factoid that your typical smartphone has more computing power than what it took to land Apollo 11 on the moon and you were probably amazed the first time you heard it. Yes, we’ll admit: smartphones are one of the most amazing pieces of technology of our… Read More

Get On Board the Cloud: The Future of IT Is Upon Us

These days, it’s hardly innovative to embrace the cloud. Unlike a few years ago when the technology first started seeing widespread use, today, businesses are using the cloud in a variety of ways. It’s nearly a forgone conclusion that businesses should be using the cloud. Even so, some… Read More

The Telx MarketplacePORTAL 101

When you join the Telx ecosystem, you have instant access to resources and tools to grow your business. We think of our Telx data centers as marketplaces: a common platform for our customer base to do business with each other. This usually happens in two ways: 1) relationship building… Read More

Why DIA?

As anyone who has spent time reading business blogs knows, the technology world is ripe with buzzwords. From ‘disruptive’ to the ‘Internet of Things’ to yes, ‘cloud,’ there’s no shortage of words you’ll hear thrown around with varying amounts of actual meaning and context. Sometimes, in… Read More

Number of Small Businesses In the Cloud to Hit 80% by 2020

We all know by now that the cloud enables business success; businesses small and large can all see great gains in efficiency, cost savings, and growth in moving certain processes to the cloud. But today, the cloud isn’t as widely adopted by small businesses as you might think. According… Read More

Why Gaming and Data Centers Go Hand-In-Hand

If you know anything about what early video games were like—Pong, anyone?—then you’re probably amazed to see what they’ve become today. Today’s games are more complex, more visually appealing, and yes, they take more resilient networks in order to operate. What’s equally as… Read More

SFR1: A Door to the West Coast

Our data centers on the East Coast—especially our data centers in New York and New Jersey—have long provided our customers a host of connectivity options and other services. Telx started on the East Coast, and our presence there reflects that. We’re proud of what we’ve built and take… Read More

The Current State of IPv4

IPv4—Internet Protocol version 4—is the name for the IP addressing/numbering scheme currently holding the incumbent status in the IP world of 2014. IPv4 has been the de facto IP address-numbering scheme since its introduction in 1981. Unfortunately, however, IPv4 has seen better… Read More

How Physically Secure Is Your Data Center?

In 2006, after a line of break-ins affecting communications companies, thieves broke into a London data center, stealing a number of router cards and disrupting voice and data cervices to businesses in London. Something similar happened a few years later. Thieves broke into a Vodafone… Read More

About Telx

At Telx, our team is ready to help you succeed. Our goal is to create the most effective solutions for your business. Within our ecosystem we help businesses create well-connected communities. With 50,000+ direct connections providing lower costs, near zero latency and fewer points of failure, organizations can improve network performance, reduce time to market and tap into new business opportunities to build a competitive advantage.